25. Working with multiple settings

SmartSnippets™ Toolbox framework allows the user to work on multiple Development Kits on the same laptop or PC by opening multiple SmartSnippets™ Toolbox applications, one for each DK. The following assumptions are made:

  1. Each SmartSnippets™ Toolbox application instance should be opened for a different settings file
  2. Each settings file should be associated with a different DK board connected to the laptop or PC via its own Virtual COM port pair.

Since more than one SmartSnippets™ Toolbox application instances may be running at the same time, the title bar has been adjusted to provide useful information about the Settings and the Virtual COM port pair that is currently running on each application instance. E.g. if the settings file name is ‘680’, is currently connected to COM44/COM45 UART/SPI pair and DA1468x-00 chip has been selected, the title 680 @ COM44 / COM45 [DK: DA1468x-00] appears on SmartSnippets™ Toolbox. If ‘none’ is displayed for the Virtual COM port pair, it means that currently the settings file is not connected to any Virtual COM port pair.


Figure 112 Working with multiple settings files