24. Working with multiple tools¶

SmartSnippets™ Toolbox has been designed to help user achieve maximum productivity by allowing multiple tools be displayed on the screen at the same time. When working with multiple tools, user can:

  1. Modify the size of each tool frame
  2. Determine the exact location of each tool frame, by dragging the tool frame title bar and placing it at the upper, lower, left or right side of another tool frame
  3. Stack and un-stack tool frames, by dragging the tool frame title bar and placing it at the center of another tool frame
  4. Minimize a tool frame. User can make it visible again by clicking on the corresponding left-hand side toolbox button
  5. Maximize a tool frame and restore it to its previous size and location


The tools provided by the framework depend on chip version selection. Different toolset is available if user selects a DA14580/581/583, DA14585/6 or a DA1468x chip family.

Every time the user closes the application, all layout-related data is stored and restored next time the application starts. To restore layout to default, user can press the layout button of the horizontal toolbar.