15. Program SPI/EEPROMΒΆ

The Program SPI/EEPROM feature has a wizard like structure that guides users throw all the necessary steps to program a .hex/.bin file to the SPI/EEPROM memory.

In this page users select a .hex/.bin file to be pressed from the wizard. After selection users have 3 options on how to program the selected file.


Figure 57 Program SPI/EEPROM wizard: Intro page

  • Do not modify: This option dose not make any modification to the source file. If this option is selected users have the option to make chosen file in to bootable.
  • Make single image: If this option is selected then a single image of the file will be created. User have the option to encrypt the final image.
  • Make multi image: Users have the option to create an image containing two sores files. Also, a secondary bootloader may be included.


Options make single/multi image may change also the source file.

A work-flow of the wizard is presented below.


Figure 58 Program SPI/EEPROM wizard: Work-flow

In this page users may select to encrypt the final image. Users may provide their own key and IV (Initial Value) or use the default ones.


Figure 59 Program SPI/EEPROM wizard: Encryption page

In this page users provide the second image to be program on memory. Also, users select the type of memory the image is going to be programed on.


Figure 60 Program SPI/EEPROM wizard: Multi image page

In this page users may select to add secondary bootloader to the image. Users can ether use the default secondary bootloader just by clicking on the check box or they can provide there custom one by providing the path throw the Brows button.


Figure 61 Program SPI/EEPROM wizard: Bootloader page

In this page users may configure the memory layout of the image.


Figure 62 Program SPI/EEPROM wizard: Offsets page

On the final page of the wizard there is a summary of all the user choses regarding the creation of the image.