8. SmartConsole Android and iOS application

8.1. Overview

The SmartConsole reference application comes with a CodeLess demo application for Android. The SmartConsole application can discover, connect and exchange AT commands or data with CodeLess enabled devices within the Bluetooth RF range of the mobile device.

Feature List:

  • Device discovery
  • Connection to a discovered device
  • Command Mode
  • Binary Mode

Figure 45 SmartConsole Application - iOS and Android

8.2. Installation

8.2.1. Android Application

The Android application can be found in Google’s ‘Play Store’ and easily installed from there as any other android application. To find the application, user can search for ‘Dialog SmartConsole’. Then the user should open the application’s description and press the ‘Install’ button. During the installation the permission to access device resources will be requested as shown in figure below. The permission should be granted. After installation is complete, the application can be open either from the ‘Open’ button of the ‘Play store’ or from the Android application drawer.


Figure 46 SmartConsole on Play Store


Figure 47 Installing the SmartConsole application

8.2.2. iOS application

The iOS application can be found in Apple’s ‘App Store’ and easily installed from there like any other iOS application. To find the application, the user can search for ‘SmartConsole’ or ‘Dialog SmartConsole’. Then the user has to open the applications description and press the cloud button to download and install it. After installation is complete, the application can be opened either using the ‘Open’ button of the ‘App store’ or from the iOS desktop.

8.3. Device list

The SmartConsole Android application can discover and connect to CodeLess devices. When the application starts, the scan screen is displayed, showing the CodeLess devices in range. Device name, BD Address, RSSI and advertised services are displayed in the list of discovered devices. By pressing the filter button (top right corner), the user can open the Scan Filter screen, in order to add and apply any scan filter in terms of Signal, Services, Beacon/Device name, address and advertising data.

If the desired CodeLess device is not found, scan process can be reinitiated by clicking SCAN control at the top of the screen. The user can connect to any of the retrieved BLE CodeLess enabled devices by clicking on the corresponding item of the list. During connection establishment, a “Connecting, please wait…” screen message will appear. Upon successful connection the AT Console screen will be shown. Otherwise, the application will return to the Scan screen, showing an indication “Device disconnected”.


Figure 48 Scan and Scan filter screens


Figure 49 Connection screen

8.5. Information and Disclaimer Screens

The ‘Information’ screen displays contact information and the version of the application as shown below. The Disclaimer screen contains the disclaimer notes.


Figure 67 Information and Disclaimer screen