11. Booter

This tool is used for downloading code directly from the Laptop/PC into the main SysRAM of the chip and for resetting the chip to execute from there. The purpose is to enable customers and developers quickly and easily update the firmware while testing various configurations or different applications.

The ‘Options’ button can be used to specify the values for System Control Register and General Purpose Control Register, when JTAG interface is used. The ‘Close Debug Session’ option applies only to communication over JTAG and terminates the connection with the chip after downloading the file.


The ‘Options’ button and ‘Close Debug Session’ applies only for JTAG communication. ‘Options’ button is available only when a chip of the DA14580/581/583 or DA14585/6 chip family has been selected.

DA14580/581/583 chip connected over JTAG:


GP_CONTROL_REG is available only for DA14580/581/583 devices.


Figure 25 DA14580/581/583 chip connected over JTAG

DA1468x chip connected over UART:


Figure 26 DA1468x chip connected over UART

11.1. Downloading Code

By pressing the ‘Browse’ button, the user is presented with a file browser to select the .hex, .ihex or .bin file to download. When a connection over uart has been selected, after pressing the ‘Download’ button, the user is prompted to press the reset button of the device via a message at the Log. The application waits for 15 seconds for the reset to be pressed. If reset button is not pressed for 15 seconds, the user will have to press again the ‘Download’ button and repeat the process. If a ‘CRC does not match’ shows up, please press the ‘Download’ button again and then the hardware reset button on the board to restart the download process. When JTAG connection is used, the file is automatically downloaded, without the need to press the reset button. The next time the ‘Download’ button is pressed, it is checked whether the JTAG connection is active or not, and it is reestablished, if needed. If the communication over JTAG with the chip could not be established, the following message will be printed at the log:


Figure 27 Communication could not established.