4. Further Reading¶

From this point, we assume you have a device securely booted and you are in possession of the product_keys.xml file. This is a good step forward but it might not be enough for a deep technical understanding of the underlying mechanism.

We encourage you to expand your knowledge by reading the following:

  • DA14682/DA14683 Datasheet: The System Overview > Security section explains the secure key storage mechanism in detail. This is a key element to understand the management of the secure keys.
  • The Software Platform Reference: The Secure Boot section contains a detailed description of the Secure Boot Loader algorithm.

Please note the Secure Boot Loader, the key generation scripts, and the programming are provided as source code. It should be easy for a developer to adapt these for particular security requirements. We would also encourage developers to seek additional information, ask questions, and/or provide feedback through the Dialog support forums.


Flexibility comes at a cost. This is especially true for the SBL. The SBL source code can be modified to meet the developer’s implementation needs but it is important to remember the SBL is part of the security strategy and any modification should be audited for potential security weaknesses.